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Super 8…Super RAD!

Movies, I love to watch them, but with the prices nowadays seems like a luxury to go see one.  Normally I wouldn’t mind paying the price for a movie ticket, if the movie was worth it.  Don’t know about you but lately not many movies can live up to the price of admission IMO.  Its either get the tickets at Costco (which are 2 for $15.99 at either Regal or AMC) or I get my butt up early and see the 1st showing.  Most theaters have early morning specials for either the 1st movie of the day or anything before noon.  My local Cinemark has a awesome deal, 1st movie of the day is only $6, but usually starts about 10ish, am that is.  So today being I had a day off, I got up and went to see a movie.  Headed to The Pike in Long Beach to watch Super 8 at 11:30am.  By far I can say it is the best movie I have seen this year.  Good story line, with a twist and not predictable at all.  Awesome special effects and lots of action.  It was one of those good old type of movies that every one can enjoy. Totally recommend you watch it and think you will definitely enjoy it.  Won’t spoil it for you but if you do see Super 8, stay till the end and watch the credits. 😉

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