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Hello Kitty

Just sharing some new fun items I’ve acquired recently. Not sure why but my BF has an obsession with headphones. He has about 20+ headphones of all kinds, brands, sizes & colors! Well I guess he wants me to join in on that obsession. He bought me these Hello Kitty headphones. I am not a particularly huge fan of Hello Kitty, but they are super cute. How could I turn down such a cute gift from my boo! Haven’t tried them out yet, so not sure on how they sound. I’ll keep you posted and do a review later, for now I’m off to use my use my HK headphones. Don’t LOL at me if you see me walking down the street in these 😉



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Speak Now

This summer has turned out to be pretty awesome.  Just as I was coming down from my BlogHer 11 high, I got invited to the Taylor Swift concert.  My buddy Monique from Blogs By Latinas, was invited by Covergirl to attend the concert.  She invited me to be her plus 1, we not only had great seats with a wonderful view of stage, but we also got to meet Taylor Swift!  The meet and greet back stage was a special treat, and so glad I was able to experience it.  Can’t say I was a huge of Taylor Swift fan, but after meeting her and seeing her sing live,  I am now.  First of all Taylor is a sweet heart, she greeted every fan with big hugs and smiles.  She was genuinely happy to meet us all and take pictures with everyone.  She is very beautiful young-woman, inside and out.  Taylor is an awesome performer and very talented.  Glad young girls have her as a role model, unlike some other celebrities today.  She is very positive and loved that her songs and outfits were age appropriate.  I would definitely want my daughter to be Taylor Swift fan.  Another surprise treat was Justin Bieber came on stage to sing his song “Baby” with Taylor.  The crowd was already going crazy over Taylor Swift, but when Justin came out, OMG the screaming levels went through the roof.  Holy Moly don’t think I ever want to be present for one his concerts, can’t handle it!  It was a great night, and secretly loved it, made feel like teen girl for night again….LOL

Me, Taylor and Monique back stage

Thanks Monique and Covergirl for a memorable night.  Now I am ready and pumped up for my next concert…Sade!!

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