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Really from my iPhone?

So I finally gave in and started a WordPress blog. After reading many articles, post & hearing how much better WP is vs Blogger. I had to see this for my self! I do have to agree WP has better layouts & templates, over Blogger. WP does have a little bit of a learning curve, with a more complicated dashboard. It’s not rocket science, but if your a newbie to blogging it can be frustrating. Blogger is so easy to use and you can sign up & sign in with your gmail. So they both have several pros & cons either way. One thing I am loving is WP has a iPhone app! That’s awesome I can post from my iPhone and/or iPad any where I am. Which I am doing now, testing it out! These feature is great for blogging on the go. So if your a blogger, what platform do you use & how did you decide which to use?


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