I heart granola!

Sometimes you come across certain things you love, and have to share with the world. Ok maybe I am exaggerating a wee bit, but really I am in love with granola. Since Fresh & Easy opened up a few years ago, its been my fave food store to shop at. This is not a commercial, nor am I getting paid or even getting free stuff from them. I really just love their products. I particularly love the granola, my fave is the Maple Pecan Granola Clusters.

Bags almost empty, been munching on it at work all week!

 OMG so yummy! I eat it alone as a snack, like I am doing so now, in my yogurt with fruit or even add some to my cereal to give it some crunch. Seriously think I’m obsessed with this granola, the price is awesome as well. Only $2.98 for 12 oz bag, with large chunky pecans and REAL maple syrup! F&E has other flavors and varieties of granola but by far the Maple Pecan is my fave.

I eat all the pecans first, then crunch the granola.

I recently introduced my co-worker to Fresh & Easy and the granola, yeah she is hooked on it as well. I guess its better than being obessed with their cookies or cupcakes, right? Yeah the have good sweets as well but nothing beats the granola!

Who’s been to Fresh & Easy and tried their granola? Tell me what you thinkg of it, or do you have another fave product you think I should try? Do tell, love to hear about new things and trying them out.





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When I first started blogging over 2 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing.  Since then I have learned many tricks and tips about blogging.  I have found and read many blogs and even got to meet some of those bloggers at events.  As much as we all like to think our blogs are the BEST, we all know there are some blogs who are better. Some blogs that are so wonderful they make  you want to work harder to be great.  I have come across some blogs that blow me away with there content, pictures and post.  This my dear readers is my new blog feature I like to call sweet sundays.  Its a way for me to show some love and recognition to those blogs I enjoy reading, have been inspired by and are just plain COOL.  Just showing you my sweet side and giving them a shot out.  Every Sunday I will feature a blog and show you what I love about them. Some you may know and read, or you may find a new lovely blog to add to your reader.  Hope you enjoy, my sweetness. appreciation and affection for these blogs.  First installment will come next week, if you have a blog you love to read, please let me know about it.  I am always on the look out for new and fun blogs to read.  In the mean time, have a sweet sunday!

Super 8…Super RAD!

Movies, I love to watch them, but with the prices nowadays seems like a luxury to go see one.  Normally I wouldn’t mind paying the price for a movie ticket, if the movie was worth it.  Don’t know about you but lately not many movies can live up to the price of admission IMO.  Its either get the tickets at Costco (which are 2 for $15.99 at either Regal or AMC) or I get my butt up early and see the 1st showing.  Most theaters have early morning specials for either the 1st movie of the day or anything before noon.  My local Cinemark has a awesome deal, 1st movie of the day is only $6, but usually starts about 10ish, am that is.  So today being I had a day off, I got up and went to see a movie.  Headed to The Pike in Long Beach to watch Super 8 at 11:30am.  By far I can say it is the best movie I have seen this year.  Good story line, with a twist and not predictable at all.  Awesome special effects and lots of action.  It was one of those good old type of movies that every one can enjoy. Totally recommend you watch it and think you will definitely enjoy it.  Won’t spoil it for you but if you do see Super 8, stay till the end and watch the credits. 😉

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Really from my iPhone?

So I finally gave in and started a WordPress blog. After reading many articles, post & hearing how much better WP is vs Blogger. I had to see this for my self! I do have to agree WP has better layouts & templates, over Blogger. WP does have a little bit of a learning curve, with a more complicated dashboard. It’s not rocket science, but if your a newbie to blogging it can be frustrating. Blogger is so easy to use and you can sign up & sign in with your gmail. So they both have several pros & cons either way. One thing I am loving is WP has a iPhone app! That’s awesome I can post from my iPhone and/or iPad any where I am. Which I am doing now, testing it out! These feature is great for blogging on the go. So if your a blogger, what platform do you use & how did you decide which to use?


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Hello world!

Welcome to veronicacid.com a site where I will share all things about me.  Sometimes you just want to have space to share your ideas, thoughts and rants about anything and everything.  Along with my other blogs, which are about fashion, beauty, shopping and photography, this space will be about everything.  Things I do, what I am loving or what I am thinking.  Hope you enjoy my adventures as I will share with you what goes on behind the scenes of my life.