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New Blog, New Platform

New Blog, New Platform

Hi everyone, if you happen to come across my blog here on WP,  thanks!  I know not much blogging has been going on here, but there will be more good stuff coming.  I decided to leave this platform and have re-started my blog over on blogger.  Come say hi and see the new look, I already have a few new post ready for you.  Thanks for the support and hope you enjoy the new


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Really from my iPhone?

So I finally gave in and started a WordPress blog. After reading many articles, post & hearing how much better WP is vs Blogger. I had to see this for my self! I do have to agree WP has better layouts & templates, over Blogger. WP does have a little bit of a learning curve, with a more complicated dashboard. It’s not rocket science, but if your a newbie to blogging it can be frustrating. Blogger is so easy to use and you can sign up & sign in with your gmail. So they both have several pros & cons either way. One thing I am loving is WP has a iPhone app! That’s awesome I can post from my iPhone and/or iPad any where I am. Which I am doing now, testing it out! These feature is great for blogging on the go. So if your a blogger, what platform do you use & how did you decide which to use?


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Hello world!

Welcome to a site where I will share all things about me.  Sometimes you just want to have space to share your ideas, thoughts and rants about anything and everything.  Along with my other blogs, which are about fashion, beauty, shopping and photography, this space will be about everything.  Things I do, what I am loving or what I am thinking.  Hope you enjoy my adventures as I will share with you what goes on behind the scenes of my life.