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I heart sushi!

Sushi is one of those foods that people either really love or really don’t. I personally LOVE IT!  I don’t eat sushi too often, its more a special treat type of meal.  Recently I found out about new sushi spot called Gatten Sushi Revolving Sushi Factory.  What makes this place special and not your typical sushi spot is the revolving sushi factory.  It’s basically a conveyor belt with plates of sushi and you pick what you want to eat.  I had seen this on the Food Network and thought it was such a cool idea.  I just had to try it out and see what all the buzz was about.

So here is the low down, you come in sit down at either a booth or the bar.  Then you get right to it, the sushi will be revolving right by and you pick a plate of any roll you like. The plates are color coded so you know how much each is, the yellow plates are $2 & the red plates are $3, depending on the roll each plate has about 2-4 pieces.  Those prices are so cheap for sushi.  What I liked about it theres no waiting, as soon as you sit down and see a roll you like, just grab it.  Each type of sushi is labeled so you know what kind of roll each plate has.  For those you who don’t love sushi they also offer other things, like rice, soups, salads, tempura and fried chicken.  So really something for everyone, oh yeah they also have desserts, but didn’t try any.  They have about 4 locations in Southern California at the moment, but I see the revolving sushi movement growing…LOL


Fried Chicken roll, no raw fish!


There is its, revolving sushi.


sushi chef is close by to make any roll you don't see on hand.


Each plate has a name tag so you know what your eating.


When your done, they count your plates and give you the bill.


They have some for the more daring sushi eater. Jellyfish?


Each plate is covered and place was clean. I like!


The sushi goes around and around, I wanted 1 of each plate.

Overall I enjoyed the sushi and the experience of the fast access.  Its a great spot for lunch during work, conveniently its located just a few miles from my office. 😉  I will say it was not the best sushi I ever ate, but not the worst.  It was good and for the price you can’t beat it.

Have you ever tried the revolving sushi? Writing this post is making me crave it, guess I will have to go for lunch tomorrow. Who wants to join me?

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I heart granola!

Sometimes you come across certain things you love, and have to share with the world. Ok maybe I am exaggerating a wee bit, but really I am in love with granola. Since Fresh & Easy opened up a few years ago, its been my fave food store to shop at. This is not a commercial, nor am I getting paid or even getting free stuff from them. I really just love their products. I particularly love the granola, my fave is the Maple Pecan Granola Clusters.

Bags almost empty, been munching on it at work all week!

 OMG so yummy! I eat it alone as a snack, like I am doing so now, in my yogurt with fruit or even add some to my cereal to give it some crunch. Seriously think I’m obsessed with this granola, the price is awesome as well. Only $2.98 for 12 oz bag, with large chunky pecans and REAL maple syrup! F&E has other flavors and varieties of granola but by far the Maple Pecan is my fave.

I eat all the pecans first, then crunch the granola.

I recently introduced my co-worker to Fresh & Easy and the granola, yeah she is hooked on it as well. I guess its better than being obessed with their cookies or cupcakes, right? Yeah the have good sweets as well but nothing beats the granola!

Who’s been to Fresh & Easy and tried their granola? Tell me what you thinkg of it, or do you have another fave product you think I should try? Do tell, love to hear about new things and trying them out.





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