Veronica Cid is a Latina born and raised in Southern California with a love of fashion, food, technology and photography. She has a bachelors degree in Business Administration with a concentration on Information Systems and has several years experience working in education. After several years of trying to find her passion in life, she discovered blogging. In 2009 she started a fashion, beauty and shopping blog for plus size women. Blogging started out as a hobby and turned into a passion, where she was able to express her self via her blog. Along with blogging Veronica, began learning about photography and combined both hobbies into her blogging empire. Currently she runs several blogs all with specific target audiences, sharing her knowledge about life. Being a Social Media enthusiast Veronica combines her experiences and gives you a snap shot of the best life has to offer on a budget.


One thought on “About

  1. lucio says:

    Gostei vou por em favoritos, muito bom seus conteúdos.

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