Who’s that girl?

That’s me in the summer of 2002, wow can’t believe it was almost 10 years ago.  You may be wondering why I am posting this picture after such a long time.  Well you see that picture was taken almost 10 yrs ago, when I had lost about 30 pounds.  I probably felt my best at that time, physically and emotionally.  I had graduated college just a few months earlier and was starting to really enjoy my life.  It was a good year actually, in December 2002 is also when I met my boyfriend and the man I fell in love with.  We are still together, which is good news!  I was by no means skinny back then, but did feel good and thought I was looking hot!  LOL  I was wearing about a size 14 and looking to probably lose another 20 lbs.  I was doing really well on my Weight Watchers plan at the time and knew getting to my goal was going to be easy.  Fast forward to 2012, lets just say I never reached that goal and gained back those 30lbs lost.  Not sure what happened in between then and now.  Maybe it was me falling in love, finding someone  who accepted me exactly the way I am.  Maybe I just got too comfortable and dare I say it…lazy. Some where, some how I gave up on my goal.  Although I have become more confident in my self and how I look in the past 10 years, I have not ever fully become comfortable with my weight.  3 years ago I started my first ever blog about plus size fashion.  Even then I was a little lighter than I am now, proclaiming  even big girls can be fashionable.  Which yes we can, I still believe in that proclamation, but even in those 3 short years I have probably gained about 10 lbs.  I’m at the point where losing weight means more than just wanting to look good in clothes or for someone else.  Ten years ago my motivation for losing weight was finding a boyfriend and getting into a certain size dress.  Now I am doing for my health, not to say I’m unhealthy at my current weight but know I can be healthier.  I am doing it to have more energy and to just feel great about my self.  Also have been thinking about having a baby, now that I’m in my mid 30’s its time!   Its time for me to get started and lose the weight I have been planning to lose for the past 10 years for good.   I’m blogging about this because it will give me a chance to document my weight lose, but also make me accountable.  Currently don’t have plans to make this into a weight lose blog, but will occasionally blog about it for my own sanity.  So starting tomorrow 3/26/12 I am attending my 1st Weight Watchers meeting (again) and starting on this new journey.   I miss that girl from 2002 and need to find her again, she’s in there.  She was fun, energetic and cute, time to get her back! 🙂

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