Intensely Delicious Wine Pairing

I don’t consider my self a wine connoisseur, I don’t even consider my self a wine drinker. When I heard about this awesome event wine and chocolate pairings in Long Beach, I had to be there. It’s not to often we get blogger events in my city of Long Beach. My blogger friends often hear me complain about driving to LA for events.  I don’t mind the drive as much as the traffic. So this day was perfect, wine, chocolate, Long Beach and bloggers. Oakley (LBC twitter friend) held a wine and chocolate pairing party for the new Ghirardelli Intense Dark chocolates.  4 types of wine were served with 4 types of Intense Dark chocolates, along with some dried fruits, cheese, nuts and crackers.  I can’t even remember what types of wine we had and what it was paired with all I remember is it was DELICIOUS!  For someone who doesn’t know squat about wines, this was a great experience to taste different wines and explore what I like.  I have come to realize my preference for white wines, as well as sweet wines.  The red wines can be more dry and bitter, which doesn’t appeal to me as much.  The experience was wonderful, learned about some great wines and a wine bar in my neighborhood (District Wine), ate some delicious chocolates and spent a nice afternoon with blogger friends.  If you want to learn more about the wines and chocolate pairings, head over to she has a great post about the even here.

Here are some photos I took, they are not great since my hands were usually full of chocolate or a wine glass. 😉

Bloggers listening attentive to the speaker.

the goodies (cheese, fruit, almonds, crackers and marshmallows)

One of the red wines, thinks its Malbec. After 2nd pairing I was lost! lol

I arrived a bit late to so had to catch up on wines.

the artmuse and presleypantry tweeting about event.

Mark is the owner of District Wine, he was a very nice and cool host.

Toffee Interlude from Ghirardelli Intense Dark collection. DELISH!

looks funny, taste great!

Oakley hostess and foodie

I sat at the cool bloggers table...LOL. We totally enjoyed the wine and chocolate.

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4 thoughts on “Intensely Delicious Wine Pairing

  1. rachel says:

    Catalina may disagree about that last sentence! LOL

    Great pictures!

  2. Li says:

    Ghirardelli and wine? A woman after my own heart!!! LOL

    Great post chica.


  3. My oh my…love dark chocolate and red wine together….thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great combination wine and chocolates! I love to have them too in my table.


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